Setting the trend for
sustainable potential.

The integration of sustainable technology and elements of green design in Diamniadio Lake City (DLC) set the trend for the rest of Senegal and make DLC one of the first LEED certified projects in the country. The roofs and façades are structured to accommodate the latest renewable energy technology and products. Green roofs reduce the loss of energy from the building while providing a more beautiful surface that melds into the surrounding landscape.

Open experiences.

All open spaces within Diamniadio Lake City are planted with native trees and flowers to mirror the surrounding landscape while standing out against the constructed and drawn pathways and modern buildings. Walking along the natural lake to the financial district or to the residential district is like walking in a creative space that combines nature, culture and futuristic creation. The open pathways linking the buildings are a reinterpretation of the human element of open communication. The entire environment is well-lit, safe and has a welcoming community spirit.