Three districts:
One unique lifestyle.

Diamniadio Lake City (DLC) is divided into three zones:
Financial district – Stock market and ample office space with services and business hotels.
Residential district – Homes with retail and coffee shops on street level along the main street.
Entertainment district – Mall, National Library, Fashion Walk, 5-star hotel and high-end residential around the beautiful natural lake.

Each district is ultimately a community within the community since all the services people might need are located on the ground floors of the buildings for supreme convenience.

Beautiful open spaces create a sense of unity in this vibrant city while pathways link the different districts. The whole of DLC is accessible by walking.

The heart of

Diamniadio Lake City’s Financial Zone is a beacon of business growth and bright prospects. 4 office buildings with 596,758 m2 of built up space are the perfect premises for banks, investment firms and leading multinational, regional and local companies in diverse sectors and industries. The main tower with 176,216 m2 of built up space houses the financial stock market, government regulation arm and most of the companies listed on the exchange market.

Different elevations within the same building ensure the offices all benefit from ample natural lighting and views that promote productivity. The layouts encourage good circulation and the infrastructure is ideal for the latest technology. Every detail is studied to provide contemporary offices that showcase an understanding of the psychological impact of space on motivation and performance. Even F&B outlets and other services are accounted for in the design for lunch breaks and socializing after work, in addition to three business hotels (one 3-star and two 4-star).


Six residential blocks with a built-up space of 505,387 m2² provide discerning people with the 21st century lifestyle they deserve.
The Residential Zone in Diamniadio Lake City offers people a world of choice:
• Two bedroom homes
• Three bedroom homes
• Four bedroom homes
• Duplexes
• Penthouses

All the services people need to experience modern life to the fullest are located on the ground floor and several coffee shops are on street
level along the main road.

The height
of entertainment.

The Entertainment Zone in Diamniadio Lake City boasts a 3 floor mall with a built up area of 139,800 m2² and the 3 level 12,000 sqm National Library.

The futuristic exterior contrasts with the simple interior designed to create a memorable shopping experience thanks to the attention to detail and circulation. The mall features retail, F&B, cinemas and the library.

Fashionable attraction.

The Fashion Walk accentuates Diamniadio Lake City Entertainment Zone’s appeal. Rising two floors high, and with a built up area of 11,633 m2², the Fashion Walk features high-end retail and F&B. This is where all the designer and luxury brands can be found. Rooftop terraces add a magical touch to restaurants and cafes since they provide stunning elevated views of the natural lake.

Hospitality at its best.

Diamniadio Lake City Entertainment Zone has a 5-star hotel with a built up area of 34,477 m2. The 339 key hotel offers a selection of suites, executive rooms and regular rooms in addition to F&B options and amenities such as a gym. International standards worthy of leading global hotel chains are evident throughout. The hotel is ideal for leisure travellers.

Home to a new level of luxury.

Diamniadio Lake City Entertainment Zone boasts two high-end residential buildings. The first has a built up area of 44,603 m2 while the second has 42,056 m2. Both offer a choice of two bedroom, three bedroom and four bedroom homes in addition to duplexes. The layouts, services, look and feel tell a story of privilege and take luxury to new levels. This is the perfect address for a dream lifestyle.